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Raghav Rathi
Raghav Rathi

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🍎: Bad Apple

  • Have you hear of / watched any videos of it
  • they are just GREAT
  • ...
  • How do they convert video
  • into this different platform ( which you can't even imagine)
  • for simulation
  • ...
  • to show their work in a particular field
  • using their code to automate all stuff
  • ...
  • just watch any one video you will become a fan
  • and want to do your self also using coding

🔗: Links

  • Example: from the below
  • But on everything (Collection) / Combine Video


Simulation Video

Personal Favorite

  • so clean / I wanted to make it

  • Camera also moves make it more realistic

  • Shocked because sheep are moving

  • Most Unique looking

  • AI Generated

    • where it make mistake / funny stuff happen
    • I noticed
    • 1:58 .. in one frame instrument use is telescope ... lol :/
    • other noticed
    • 1:52 ... random instruments ... AI is confused
    • 1:10 ... many frames bird is on boat ... lol :/
    • 1:42 ... holds arrow randomly ... from no where

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