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Surviving as a Black Female Ambivert in Tech...

Note, I’m writing this on my phone so forgive punctuation errors.

I joined a small team where I faced issues I wasn’t prepared for, but had always been there, throughout my career. Let me know if you relate.

  • I’m automatic perception is i am unknowledgeable. I have to be the best in order for that stereotype to dissipate and that takes an unusual amount of energy, not just technically, but soulfully.

  • My accomplishments are typically overlooked ( I read an article on the importance of touting your own horn, which seems valid... which I don't do well) and not rewarded in meaningful ways like a pay increase. I worked for a company where I trained someone well and found out they were making a lot more money then me, doing the same job. 🤪

  • Other females get intimidated and territorial, this leads to sabotage. 🐍

  • You have to be jolly, you can’t just sit and do your work or else you’ll be labeled unpleasant even if you’re polite to everyone. You have to put on an act in order to fit in. That’s mostly everywhere, but it’s on steroids with us. You have to make the environment comfortable for everyone else, not yourself. 👩🏾‍💻

  • You’re isolated because tech spaces aren’t diverse. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Typically I see male gender bias. I also see males yell at you and are condescending and think it’s ok. I’ve seen it way too many times in corporate spaces. It’s a sign of ineffective leadership, work on communication instead of yelling. 🤬

  • People gasp if you have expensive technology like them. They are deeply flabbergasted by how you’re able to afford it. 🧐

  • Some people are just flat out prejudice and don’t do much to hide it and your co-workers are fending for themselves. Class consciousness anyone? 😕

Hopefully I’m not suffering from hysteria. 😏

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Damn all of the above at some point in my career

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with Pyaar

Girl we gotta stick together

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