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Summary of what I did so far

withmahimasingh profile image Mahima Singh ・1 min read

I was inactive for a while here so I shall continue writing about it from the day I stopped posting i.e. day 35 from tomorrow.

Summary of what all I did in these days:

  1. Participant in GSSOC 2021
  2. Volunteered for preparing a ppt on "Basics of JAVA" for GirlsCodeIt
  3. Star 2 at Codechef. I try solving questions on this platform now.
  4. Registered for various upcoming events like Google Kickstart, Makeathon by American Express, Coderita 2.0 by GFG.
  5. For the upcoming events I have now switched to Leetcode.
  6. Started working on my android application.
  7. Participant in SpringOfCode by CodeWarriors.

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Well done 👌👏👏