Rent a Hive 🐝 Test Your Website

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Hi developers!

I'd like to share my newest project with you to hear what you think about it, and maybe you find it useful.

You can rent a hive of real users that come to your website and perform tasks that you defined. Since my last version of this product people requested that they'd like to specify who the testers are, so you can do this now and tell them to include e.g. their social media profile for a follow up.

And the test projects are public by default (can be changed) so people can first look at your site and then decide to join the test-hive on their own.


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Reading only the title I thought I would be able to hire/invest in beehives to help aid the preservation of species. Seems I was a little bit wrong though. ;) good luck with your project!


For a few days I've been thinking about offering real bee hives too 😊


Also you can just get listed without the feedback stuff.

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