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The Developer's Toolkit: Your Essential Open-Source DevTools

Every developer needs a toolkit to streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and tackle some of the most complex tasks efficiently.

This could be development, testing, or project management, having the right tools in your back pocket can make or break your development process.

Let's take a look at some of my favorites, and I hope they become your favorites too!

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Let's get started!πŸ‘‡

1. Wing


  • πŸ”₯ A programming language for the cloud

  • πŸ”₯ A unified programming model combining infrastructure and runtime code into one language

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2. Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero

  • πŸ‘‰ Clean Up Your Inbox In Minutes

  • πŸ‘‰ Newsletter cleaner, AI automation, cold email blocker, and analytics

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3. Papermark


  • 🚨 The Open-Source DocSend Alternative

  • 🚨 Share pitch decks, sales proposals, and other docs securely with real-time analytics and white-labeling options

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4. Aptabase


  • πŸ“£ Analytics for Apps

  • πŸ“£ Works with the framework of your choice! (JS | NextJS etc.)

Please star ⭐ SoapUI

5. Documenso


  • πŸš€ The open source document signing

  • πŸš€ Integrates with all your favorite tools - Send, connect, receive, and embed everywhere

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6. Flipt


  • ⚑ GitOps-enabled feature management platform for modern engineering teams.

  • ⚑ Follow modern DevOps best practices such as trunk-based development, continuous delivery, and software kill switches all without needing to restart your applications.

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7. OpenStatus

Open Status

Build trust:

  • ✨ Showcase your reliability to your users, and reduce the number of customer service tickets.

Custom domain

  • ✨ Bring your own domain, and give the status page a personal touch.

Please star ⭐ OpenStatus

Top comments (11)

matijasos profile image
Matija Sosic

A short but sweet list! Wing sounds super interesting - can you share a bit more about it? What would it be a replacement for? Could I use it for my side project, or with my existing framework?

shaiber profile image
Shai Ber

Hey, I'm on the Wing team.
I guess it is a most direct replacement for Serverless framework (or any other framework for serverless development). It aims to improve your development experience by offering local testing and development, as well as a simplified code base that resembles a monolith.
You can learn more about it here:
Or join our slack to ask more questions:

alexroor4 profile image
Alex Roor

Papermark! Like it!

danteahmed profile image
Mehedi Hassan

I would like to learn more details about all these apps.

mfts profile image
Marc Seitz

Thanks for featuring Papermark ❀️

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

No problem @mfts, Papermark is super impressive and I'm happy to include them.

biplobsd profile image
Biplob Sutradhar

I liked the way shortly present evey products. Great list πŸ˜„

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks for the positive feedback @biplobsd :)

nessakodo profile image
π™‰π™šπ™¨π™¨π™– 𝙆𝙀𝙙𝙀

Wow thank you for sharing! Been looking for something like this.

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

That's good to hear @nessakodo, thanks for the feedback!

shaiber profile image
Shai Ber

Thanks for putting this Nathan!