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😎 9 Trending Open Source Projects to Watch for in 2024

As a developer, who's passionate about open source, I'm constantly watching up-and-coming projects, libraries, and services.

You know the ones, that seem to have that special sauce.


I've put together a small list of what I've seen trending or expect them to in this new year.

Let's take a look at some of the most surprising and impressive projects I've come across lately.

1. Wing


Wing has developed a cloud-oriented programming language called Winglang, designed specifically to address the needs and challenges faced by cloud developers.

Combining infrastructure and runtime code in one language, with a built-in local simulator and observability & debugging console.

Wing reduces cognitive load and context switching, enabling developers to stay in their creative flow.

How Wing boosts your development:

  • Faster iteration cycles

  • Localized testing via the Wing Simulator

  • Deploy to the cloud by writing less code

Please star ⭐ Winglang

2. Maybe


Maybe has recently open-sourced their personal finance + wealth management app

Some features include:

  • Investment benchmarking
  • Investment portfolio allocation
  • Debt insights

Please star ⭐ Maybe

3. Wstunnel


Wstunnel uses the WebSocket protocol which is compatible with http to bypass firewalls and proxies.

This allows you to tunnel whatever traffic you want and access whatever resources/sites you need.

Please star ⭐ wstunnel

4. Spotube


An open-source, cross-platform Spotify client compatible across multiple platforms utilizing Spotify's data API and YouTube (or or JioSaavn) as an audio source,
eliminating the need for Spotify Premium.

Btw it's not another Electron app😉

Please star ⭐ Spotube

5. Jujutsu


Jujutsu is a version control system for software projects, written in Rust.

You use it to:

  • get/make a copy of your code

  • track changes to the code

  • publish those changes for others to see and use.

Please star ⭐ Jujutsu

6. Wasp


Wasp (Web Application Specification) is a Rails-like framework for React, Node.js, and Prisma.

Build your app in a day and deploy it with a single CLI command!

  • Quick start

  • No Boilerplate

  • No lock in

Please star ⭐ Wasp

7. Refine


A React Framework for building internal tools, admin panels, dashboards & B2B apps with unmatched flexibility.

Instead of being limited to a set of pre-styled components, Refine provides collections of:

  • Helper hooks

  • Components

  • Providers

Please star ⭐ Refine

8. DbGate


DbGate is a cross-platform database manager, designed to be simple to use and effective when working with more databases simultaneously.

Supported databases:

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • SQL Server

  • Oracle (experimental)

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • SQLite

  • Amazon Redshift

  • CockroachDB

  • MariaDB

Please star ⭐ DBGate

9. Ivy


Ivy is an open-source machine learning framework:

  • Autotune your model

  • Convert code into any framework

  • Write framework-agnostic code

Please star ⭐ Ivy

Top comments (25)

cavo789 profile image
Christophe Avonture

Hello. Everyone will come with his addition of course saying that one isn't in the list. As a Markdown lover, for me, the best tool (i've discovered end of 2023) is Quarto. OpenSource and hosted on github.

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

That's ok @cavo789 :) everyone has their own opinions.

I love Markdown as well. I see Quarto has several products in their repo, which one do you use?

cavo789 profile image
Christophe Avonture

Quarto-cli is a command line to convert md to pdf, html, docx, pptx, revealjs, epub, website, book and many more. Just amazing and powerfull

jimmy1995 profile image

Hi @nathan_tarbert
I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the consistently valuable content you share. Your blogs are incredibly helpful, and I find them both insightful and informative. Thank you for your dedication to creating such quality content. It truly makes a positive impact.

I developed my website to provide an online platform that provides a suite of time-saving tools for both technical and non-technical users. It offers various tools such as a code formatter, minifier, beautifier, UUID generator, converter, text to ASCII and ASCII to text, and many more.

I would be honored if you could mention my website fireboxtools in your article. Your support means a lot.

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Hi, @jimmy1995, thanks for the addition. Is fireboxtools open source?

jimmy1995 profile image

Hi @nathan_tarbert , Yes, Fireboxtools is open source.

tanyarai profile image
tanya rai

If you're building with generative AI, you will want to checkout AIConfig - a local playground for models from OpenAI, HuggingFace, Google, and more.

The playground can be extended to work with both local and remote models.


kansoldev profile image
Yahaya Oyinkansola

This is a very nice list!, I got to discover Refine. It really looks like a very versatile framework, I would try it out, and see how it looks

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks for the great feedback.

You should check out Refines awesome list :)

kansoldev profile image
Yahaya Oyinkansola

Thank you, will definitely check it out

matijasos profile image
Matija Sosic

A very nice list, and thanks for mentioning Wasp! Btw, how did you create those cool animated banners?

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks for your feedback @matijasos!
Happy to include Wasp :)
The banners were created and sized in Canva.

skyrpex profile image
Cristian Pallarés

Nice list, I barely knew any of those tools!

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks, Christian!
I look through GitHub's trending list almost daily and found most on the list!

x03rishabh20x profile image

I am unable to gain much skills which is making me ready for contributing to these big codebases. I mean is the general programming, DSA all being required here?

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

HI @x03rishabh20x, generally in open source there are many ways you can contribute, including docs etc.

With Wing, we have hundreds of GitHub Issues at every level so we would love you to check it out and see if it's a good fit.

Join our Community, we have a very active core that is willing to help out.

debadyuti profile image

Trying the tutorials for wing, jujutsu, and ivy next week. Looks awesome. :)

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Awesome @debadyuti, I can't wait to hear your feedback!

shaiber profile image
Shai Ber

Thanks Nathan!

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

❤️ @shaiber

annaredbond profile image

Ooh, good list. And great people behind these, too. Excited to see what happens with companies like Ivy in 2024!

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thanks @annaredbond, I appreciate the feedback.
Yes, Ivy caught my eye as well :)

ekeren profile image
Eyal Keren

Nice List, love the style

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Thank you @ekeren, I appreciate that.

m3rashid profile image
MD Rashid Hussain

I have built a golang framework for all SaaS needs. It contains most of what is needed to get started to build a SaaS platform. Checkout at

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