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Discussion on: Smarter Tooltips and Popovers with Popper 2

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Wim Leers

Congratulations! :)

For those projects that depend on Popper 1, it'd be super valuable to have explicit "Upgrading from Popper 1 to Popper 2" docs. AFAICT that doesn't exist yet (I looked at, and in this blog post). It could make an enormous difference in terms of Popper 2 adoption: without clear docs that cover both the most commonly encountered backwards compatibility breaks that need to be overcome and warn about the harder edge cases, many projects will probably stick with Popper 1. This would increase the maintenance burden too.

In any case: congratulations, awesome work, and thank you for this very valuable contribution! We're looking forward to hopefully updating Drupal from Popper 1 to 2 soon :)

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Federico Zivolo Author

Thanks! I plan to write a note to help the upgrade process, there aren’t a lot of breaking changes luckily.