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The 3G way: why invest in proactive people gives the best outcome

The 3G Way is a book by Francisco S. Homem de Mello, where the author gives us an overview of the way of management and culture of 3G Capital, a Brazilian-American multibillion-dollar investment firm. Trough these pages Fransisco describes what makes this company so successful. Let's take a look at this profitable approach.

3G capital has something that I'm definitely searching for in a company: Meritocracy. Instead of just rewarding people by their time in the company or general experience time, they choose to reward by their proactive and by how good work they are, no matter of time or hierarchy. Talented people are given credit just by their accomplishments.

And why is this concept so fundamental in a company? Simple, treat people in this way encourages proactiveness, competition and also makes the communication more open in general. You are sure that if you do a good job you'll definitely get something out of it.

Another way 3G capital uses to improve communication is informality. When you simplify the process of communication of let's say, a junior with a senior developer, you are letting this junior has more space to develop himself and most importantly, learn from experience with the hope that one day he also achieve a high position job.

Candor is another strong word in 3G capital's vocabulary. With the main goal of minimizing conflicts and make things simples, they invest in transparency where the information can be easily understood, without unnecessary complexity.

In short, the 3g way can be described as a method where you guide the worker to a more open space of thought, without complications and giving to him all the resources that he needs to be the best worker. If all of this work out you have a happy employee, proactive and able to handle different types of challenge. It's just the dream of all the workers I guess. Be recognized by doing his job, and doing it great.

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