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XD to HTML & CSS Tutorial

Just pushed another tutorial. This time we cover converting an Adobe XD mockup into a full responsive HTML & CSS website! We build the layout using the modern CSS Grid, as well as using Flexbox for menus and other 'inner' elements. Hope you enjoy!

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Here are a few of the CSS tips & tricks used in the video

  • CSS Grid Template Columns - To create a 6 column grid
  • CSS Grid Template Rows Rows - To create rows based on fixed height and content height
  • CSS Grid Template Rows Areass - To align each of our main content areas into the grid via grid-area names
  • CSS Grid Areas - Define the area names of each of our main content divs
  • CSS Media Queries - Adding a simple media query to make our CSS wireframe responsive

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Part 2 which covers all the inners will be out next week. Happy quarantine to all!