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12 VS Code Extensions for Web Dev

Here's a list of 12 VS Code extensions I find myself using regularly that are helpful in Web Dev.

Watch the video (or jump down after the video for a list of each extension) for a quick visual view on what each extension does.

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Extension List (and video timeline jumps)

00:18 - Install Extensions
00:42 - Extension Settings
01:00 - Auto Rename Tag
01:44 - Beautify
02:39 - Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
03:58 - Browser Preview
05:03 - CSS Navigation
05:50 - CSS Peek
06:45 - VS Code Themes
07:57 - Live Sass Compiler
09:06 - Live Server
10:19 - Markdown All In One
11:44 - Markdownlint
12:35 - VS Code Icons

What extensions do you all find yourself using quite often?

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Chad Adams • Edited
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Nice! That Git Graph looks sweet, I'll have to play with that one

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Also, a handy extension that I left of the list is the Sync Extension which lets you setup a new environment with all of your extensions and settings ported over!