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Domenico Rizzo
Domenico Rizzo

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Why we need to discover ourselves?

Becoming a software developer means facing a lot of challenges. I think that in order to face these challenges we need motivation. Where can we find it?

To have a salary is a great pusher but after years of developing is not enough: because in order to produce code we need inspiration and salary fades inspiration away after years of developing. Definitely, we need more.

In order to find this "more", we need to discover ourselves, our real passion, our real motivation, and at this point understand if there is something to change in us or in our life.

To proceed in the path of a software developer you should love changes, challenges, learning, problem-solving, and more but above all you need to be able to build trusting relationships. The last is not as easy as it appears. It requires a lot of soft skills that, in order to acquire them, you need to shake your being since the fundamentals. So in order to have an effective improvement, it's required to know yourself. Because if you don't know yourself, you aren't able to have an effective change of yourself. In order to change awareness of ourselves and the environment is required.

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