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Building a Complete Testing Framework

In the software lifecycle, building a test is an essential framework to enable trust in our system. It allows to pop errors out before the product goes into production.

So if you have extensive coverage of your code you can be assured with certain reliability that your code is flawless.

But an automatic testing framework is not enough alone. Before we put things in production we need to test manually in a staging environment. So automatic tests are necessary but are not enough.

Surely, we can rely on End-to-end tests but they are hard to write and not so easy to maintain and, in the end, nothing can substitute a good human eye that makes an overall test about the new feature and checks if the system still works properly in staging and production environment.

Besides, collecting the issues from the final users is the best test an application could have, because only when the application is used by whom is supposed to be used that we can check if, overall, we have done good work. And at the final instance, if our product satisfied end-user expectations and needs.

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