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New Video! What is Throughput in Azure Cosmos DB?

In Azure Cosmos DB, we need to provision enough throughput to meet the demands placed on our applications, but what exactly is throughput?

In Azure Cosmos DB, we are charged for the throughput and storage that we provision on our Azure Cosmos DB databases and collections, but just what is Throughput? And why have I got a massive bill for provisioning it?!

In this video,

  • I’ll show you what throughput is and what it means in Azure Cosmos DB.
  • What Request Units are.
  • What factors affect the amount of Request Units we are charged.
  • How you can apply Request Units at both the Database and Container level (and why you would choose one path over the other).
  • I’ll also talk about the different ways you can provision Throughput in Cosmos DB and show you a quick demo on how to provision throughput.

By the end of this video, you’ll know what Throughput is in Azure Cosmos DB, what affects the amount of Throughput we consume and how to provision enough Throughput to ensure that your applications can handle any level of workload placed on it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section either here or on YouTube.

N.B, if you prefer to read an article, rather than watching a video. I have previously written on Throughput in Azure Cosmos DB here:

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