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How open-source developers can earn income each time their microservices are used by others

Will Morgan
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Actors on the network

The MESG Network is an open network where anyone can join and participate in the economy. Each actor has a different role with different incentives in order to maintain a balance within the network. There are no limitations to the number of actors that the same node can have. You can either have a single actor per node, or have all actors on a single node.


Users can execute any task from any service without worrying about the hassle of maintaining a server or using online services that require monthly fees. In this case, the user would pay on-demand using MESG Tokens and would only pay for what is needed when it's needed.

To guarantee that the service is running correctly, the user can run a Runner and execute the task directly. With this configuration, MESG is used as a traditional server, but still passes through a network, providing fallback in case of server issues.


Executions on the network are based on the services that are created by developers. Like any software, maintenance is required to ensure its quality. To incentivize developers to maintain their services, the developer receives rewards based on the use of their service.

Every execution on the network rewards the service's developer, ensuring a reward that's proportional to the use of the service.

To guarantee the availability of their service, developers might want to run their services on their own, ensuring that the network can always process executions related to this service.

See all the ways to earn tokens, including all the actors on the network, in the full article

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Malik Benkirane

Really interesting economy system

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Katie McCaskey

Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing your post.