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William Juan
William Juan

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Speed Code: Movies App UI with Nativescript and Angular

I started a new series on Youtube where I record my process of building Mobile App UIs, focussing on the visual parts of the App. The current series is using Nativescript and Angular to build a hybrid App.

Here is a short gif of what the App looks like so far

Gif of the demo app's UI

Check out the full videos below 👇

Part 1: Pages and Layouts

Part 2: Drawers, Bottomsheets, and Animations

If you liked the videos you can subscribe to my channel for more videos, or follow me on twitter, where I post more or less the same kind of things 😀

Let me know what you think. What features you want to see implemented next, a new design or different tech stack you want me to try out. Either way, let me know your thoughts 😀😀

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