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WWDC 2021- What Apple Brings for Us This Year

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, or commonly known as WWDC, announced exciting new features that will improve the Apple ecosystem much better than before. These announcements include first looks at iOS 15, big improvements to FaceTime, the new macOS Monterey, and more.

The app development company of Apple is introducing features which are never seen before. These changes will simplify the work and provide ease to its users.

Here are the most important announcements:

iOS 15 for iPhones
Virtual sharings
Copy and paste image texts
Digital space for your IDs
Multitasking widgets
Privacy updates
Siri upgrades
Simplifying the process of health monitoring
AirPods improvements
iCloud updates
watchOS 8 for Apple Watch
Third-party Accessories with Siri
macOS Monterey for Macs
Safari features
Test Flights for developers

iOS Improvements to FaceTime and Notification Updates

The WWDC announcements include iOS 15, which will bring various improvements to FaceTime with a new “SharePlay” feature. SharePlay brings a feature named spatial audio. These include a new look for notifications, updates to Memories in Photos, sharing media with people virtually on FaceTime, a new design to the weather app, and much more.

Music and Video Sharing during FaceTime

Apple’s developers build an app, “SharePlay,” that lets you enjoy listening to or watching content virtually with others. Apple also introduced a SharePlay API for other developers that will help them build an app that supports this feature.

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