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How to Develop an eCommerce App that Can be Loved by Thousands?

I am a content cum digital marketer at Suria International, a leading mobile application development company Singapore.
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The E-commerce sector is thriving at a rapid pace by taking the support of a booming mobile platform. People tend to search and order various products using their smartphones, and the eCommerce app development company assists retailers to make the most of this trend. The recent pandemic age has acted as a catalyst in the growth of mobile-based eCommerce because people prefer to stay at home and get necessary items at their doorstep through online shopping using m-commerce or on-demand apps.

Countries like the USA, South Korea, and Japan have recorded over 50% of all eCommerce sales through mCommerce apps. What’s more, a Compuware study has revealed that 85% of users prefer a mobile app as compared to the responsive website. Simply put, it is beneficial for retailers to build an eCommerce app to expand their business, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Be it online promotion or branding, eCommerce app development is always useful for B2C and B2B businesses of all sizes.

You may wonder, I will develop an eCommerce app, but would it be wise to enter such a competitive market? The answer to this question is Yes. Though competition is high and the eCommerce sector itself is full of challenges, if you enter the domain at this juncture, you can get a high ROI in relatively a short time. When it comes to developing an eCommerce app for your business, instead of “if”, you should think about “what”. For example,

-What should be my eCommerce app’s target audience?

-What mobile platform is beneficial for my eCommerce app?

-What features should I include to make my app successful?

A reputed eCommerce app development company can assist you to find answers to these questions, and you can come up with a seamlessly-performing eCommerce or marketplace app.

Here is a list of major factors and top features to consider for developing an eCommerce app that can be loved by hundreds of thousands of users. Let’s start with the key aspects to keep in mind during eCommerce app development.

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