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Introducing Wildchain!

A ReFi project creating a real-world impact through blockchain technology with the goal of rewilding the world.

Wildchain’s NFT Genesis Collection: Rewilding Savanna is launching on June 5th πŸ₯³

Their collection will feature adorable wildlife NFTs stampeding in from the African Savanna, ready to meet you on World Environment Day, June 5th at 12 pm UTC πŸ₯³

Head over to Wildchain’s NFT Website to check out their adorable wildlife NFTs that feature exclusive utilities AND will make an impact! 🐾 
Wildchain will be dropping brand new NFTs WEEKLY to complete their Genesis Collection, so stay tuned for more!

Not only is their art super cute, but you will also be making a difference as every adoption made from this NFT collection and future ones will go towards a donation to wildlife conservation! 🌱

Make the world a better place with Wildchain. 🀝🌎

Genesis Collection preview

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Thank you for this valuable information, I will surely be checkin this out!

I love it when blockchain technology can be used for something good like this. Let's finally get rid of the bad stigma associated with crypto and understand that technology is only as evil as the people using it!

wildchainio profile image
Wildchain | MINTING JUNE 5th πŸ†

Thank you! Let's do it together!!πŸ’šπŸ₯³