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Hi Wilbur!

Let me find as much fault as I can in five minutes :)

I don't understand what the point is in the list of technologies that look like buttons. You can hover over them and they change colour but nothing happens when you click them. Is that a bug or are they just cosmetic?


Your blog page has summaries that have unlinked URLs in them (the top one mentions without it being an anchor tag)

This is particularly picky, but I think your profile picture could do with being sharper. It looks a little soft.

Your logo (WP) reminds me too much of WordPress and makes me think that's what it's all about. I might want to choose something other than your initials. I realise they're your initials but the correlation is still there and I think it might get in the way a little. As a logo it's also a little off. The letter positioning looks a pixel or two too far left/down which is probably just an artifact of the shape of the W and the P but it's still something I notice. As a favicon it's difficult to make out. I'd pick a different icon.

I don't think your submit button gains anything from having a smiley in it; it looks a little strange.

Your contact form starts with "So, it's very easy to get in contact with me." Ditch the "So, " prefix.


So you wanted to have Markdown in your teasers?

You did not.


No idea how I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out 😁


It looks like others have commented on areas for improvement. I didn’t see anything glaringly obvious, but I just wanted to say that I really like the minimalist look!


The look and feel of your site is nice and simple (and very minimalist, which is a good thing for a personal site). In time, you can always add the suggested improvements from the earlier feedbacks.

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