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Wilbur Powery
Wilbur Powery

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Is their any API where I could get all my posts from the site?

Hey guys, I’m thinking on killing the blog on my site and just publishing my content here. But, I’d still like to fetch all my posts and display them in my site. Any idea if there’s an endpoint to get them?

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Ben Halpern

We don't have anything we support with great guarantees, but this'll do the trick for fetching the links:

Keep me in the loop if the API breaks. Eventually we'll probably have something stable.

You also have an RSS feed for whole posts:

But warning, custom embeds will need appropriate css.

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Wilbur Powery

Wow, really awesome. I almost went with Medium, but I rather this platform tbh. I only want to display the title and link to here from my site. Thank You! ☺️