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Eureka Relief

Ido Weinstein
Used to work for the big bad corporation, developed software for medical systems. These days working on my own thing with good friends.
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I am working on a project where I develop a hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS, a single page web application and node.js with express for the backend.

My main OS is windows 10 but I develop on Ubuntu linux running on a VMWare player. For a while now I've been feeling that the virtual machine running the Ubuntu system is laggy and after a bit of time working it became so slow, hardly responsive and annoying to work with.

Yesterday, I found out that I was running the virtual machine with a single processor settings. Can't really remember if and when I changed that setting but changing it back to 4 processors made everything snappy and made my day :)

Small moments of relief.

Any moments like this you can recall? When you thought how could I have suffered for so long with such a simple solution?

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