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Moon: 1110011, Binary board game (+ web version)

Been wanting to talk about Moon board game a long time ago, but not without playing it myself, and now that we're into quarantine days, I've made a habit of it, finishing my day with some minutes of play.

Authored by a uni colleague Pablo Garaizar and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union,

Moon or 1110011, it's a solo/co'op and competitive computer-related game, for the practice of low-level binary operations.

Gotta say I'm hooked and willing to play co-op and competitive modes as soon as possible!

Story Background

The story behind the game it's one I like a lot, not only because it's based on a historical event but for the love of mentioning the first Software Engineer woman, Margaret Hamilton

In 1969, millions of people around the Earth gathered around their television sets to witness an event that was happening 384,000 km away. The Eagle lunar landing was on its way to land on the moon, and it relied on the non-stop calculations of its on-board computer, which accomplished this with less computing power than a modern digital watch.

However, three minutes before landing, the computer triggered several alarms: a radar that should have been switched off during the landing procedure unexpectedly switched on. The on-board computer, which needed to devote its scarce computing resources to landing the lunar module, could easily become overwhelmed by this extra work.

Fortunately, the software that managed the on-board computer, designed by a team of engineers led by Margaret Hamilton, was smart enough to detect the problem. The computer alerted the astronauts, effectively saying "I am overloaded with more tasks than I should be doing right now, so I'm going to focus only on the important tasks, those that have to do with the landing."

Without this novel and intelligent design, we may have never taken that "small step for a man and giant leap for mankind".

In this game, you will be the software helping the astronauts to land safely by using binary operations and repairing hardware errors.

How is it played?

The best explanation is given on the following video but got tons of multi-language material to understand what's about.

Convinced to play?

I've just tried the Moon web version

  • Read the instructions under the [?] symbol img

But there are many other options specified in the Official Moon Site like

  • Free print-friendly version
  • Android Downloadable APK
  • And depending on the desired language, you may get your printed version too

Stay home and have fun!

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