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Pixel Board - Change pixels using Github Issues!

This is my progress with my submission for the Github actions hackathon!


Feel free to click on a pixel and update its colour! At the moment the way of doing so isn't the greatest but I hope to have a colour picker or something similar to make it easier todo soon :)


Based around the infamous r/place from april fools a while back. Where users could click on pixels and choose to colour them however they liked. I wondered if I could achieve something similar using just GitHub actions along with some free hosting of some sort.

As you may of guessed this is one of the Wacky Wildcards submissions!

What I've got so far:

  • Pixel board responding to Issues
  • A Pixel board site that can be rendered without any API requests and even without javascript enabled! (although it is a little slow)
  • Clicking on the pixel board to raise an issue to change the colour of a pixel
  • Seeing who was the last to modify a given pixel by hovering over them (Only when JS is enabled)

I've got a few more things I'd like to do but I thought this was a good chance to share my progress and get other people to play around with it!

Currently there is a very pristine looking DEV logo so go ahead and mess with it! Keep in mind it may take a minute or two from submitting the issue for your pixel to appear!

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