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Why Choose .NET Development in 2024

What do you think is the most popular development technology?
Your first thought can be Java, C++ or Python. If so, then you are correct, but not completely, as .NET is also a tough competition in the list.

Microsoft .NET technology is highly utilized in the recent years, and its adaptation is growing at a rocket’s speed in 2024. But, do you know, why it’s being used by any other organization. If not, then you are at correct place. Here, we are going to discover the reasons for that.

So, let’s get started. I bet, within 5 minutes, you’ll know.

Why Prefer .NET for Application Development in 2024

Following are the top reasons, explaining why you should use .NET development services in 2024.

1: Hub of Technologies

.NET is not a single technology, but a complete hub or package of multiple development tech stacks. The .NET ecosystem, consist of the following renowned technologies:

  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Xamarin
  • Blazor Pages
  • ML.NET and more

All these technologies can be utilized to create business solutions, that can streamline the operations of a small, medium, and large-scale organization. In addition, thousands of libraries, packages, APIs and other third-party components are available for these techs, that help you upgrade per industry trends.

2: Faster than Lightning McQueen

If you don’t know about Lightning McQueen, then must search about it and watch the movie too.

Further, it can be guaranteed that .NET is exceptionally fast with a speed of processing minimum of 7+ million requests per second. In addition, dot net applications retain their performance on every compatible platform and ensures to provide an exceptionally smooth user experience.

There are multiple factors that contribute to its high speed, such as:

  • Lightweight architecture
  • Multiple caching mechanisms
  • Compatibility with operating systems
  • AOT, Hot Reloading and more

We’re going to learn about performance of every .NET technology in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned.

3: Secure With Robust Mechanisms

No one wants their data to get breached or pay additional legal charges to not aligning with security standards. And .NET makes it possible to not let you do any of them.

This Microsoft technology comes with numerous built-in security features, that supports to maintain data confidentiality, availability and integrity. In addition, it also allows integration of third-party monitoring, vulnerability analysis, and similar tools to prevent cyber-attackers.

Further, some of the in-built dotnet features that helps with data protection are as follows:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Authorization and access control
  • HTTPS enforcement
  • Encryption and hashing
  • Input validation and XSS prevention mechanism

4: Exceptional Multi-Channel Support

Yes, you read it right, .NET technologies avail support from multiple channels. The first channel is itself Microsoft and the second is thousands of open global forums, communities and groups.

Microsoft provides the support for a limited time, according to their policy. But, a dotnet community is always available to help you out. Also, if you are only interested in official support, then don’t fret, as guides, videos and all other publications by Microsoft are available for lifetime. Only the customer care support gets expires after the defined time.

Thus, whether its 2024 or any other upcoming year, your application will have the right support.

5: All Applications are Possible

You need a website? A web application ? An ERP system ? A real-time app or any other software solution ?

The Microsoft .NET helps you remove all the question marks, as developing all kind of applications is possible with it. From a static website to a complete eCommerce store, CMS system, or an alert information system, .NET can be used for all.

Following are some of the most popular software types developed using .NET:

  • Websites
  • Desktop apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Games
  • AR and VR apps
  • Enterprise information systems
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Machine Learning and AI-based systems
  • eCommerce stores and more

6: Makes you Richer

With amazing features, .NET also help you save money in the below listed ways.

  • All the .NET technologies are free to use.
  • The IDE from Microsoft is free to use. (Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code)
  • Dotnet applications use less resources.
  • A single codebase can be used for multiple operating systems. It means that you save on hiring different development teams per digital platforms.
  • When you hire .NET developers from outsourcing company, the pay rates are minimal.

With all such saving, you became more richer than your competitors. Thus, .NET helps you save a huge chunk of money from your company’s net worth.

Concluding Up

.NET is the technology of today’s world and it provides the features that can help you in the current as well upcoming years. It fulfils all the criteria of becoming a reliable choice, such as its high performing, can be used for any development, and also saves cost. And the best part, it’s a Microsoft owned tech, meaning that it’s never going to be outdated.

Thus, 2024 is the right time to build software solutions with .NET technology.

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