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Discussion on: AWS Lambda Graviton2, cheap and slow

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Robert G. Schaffrath

When the ARM Lambda support was announced, I migrated a few very simple Node.js functions I have (30s or less runtime) over to ARM to test out. I assumed, based on the press releases, that I would see blazing performance from the ARM architecture. I stay well within the Free Tier of AWS so there was no cost savings that I was looking for. Simply trying to evaluate the new platform. Much to my shock, I was seeing double the runtime for functions on ARM vs X86. There were no OS binary dependencies or anything in the Node.js environment that would favor X86 over ARM.

In the end, I switched all of my functions back to x86. Perhaps there is an issue with Node.js needing to be optimized for the Graviton2 environment but for me personally, I see no advantage at this time.

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Mick Author

Interesting find, several people have asked for other lang comparsion. It's really going to be app specific as you've found. It's worth a support ticket to let AWS know as they seem to be actively working through these.