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Hyperiondev Web Dev bootcamp - day 3


So after the three hour lecture yesterday I'm getting close to popping a message over to the team to request that the tutors attempt to stay on topic for the lecture as advertised. I imagine after this week things should settle down some but yesterday I just ended up muting the tab and carried on doing the exercises I was on.
I think this is a bit of a problem with the way this bootcamp is run. We have all the coursework already so if the urge takes you, you could romp on through it. Problem being that when you get stuck you're going to have quite a wait until the relevant lecture takes place. I'm just finishing up task 6 and the scheduled lecture today is covering task 3. I know of a few students who are already into tasks 13 upwards.
I'm fine with this so long as they don't start asking questions about where they are in the lectures that aren't meant to be covering that info. We have the option for 1:1 mentor calls for such situations.

So, mini-rant over.
Task 5 - Further conditionals (Switch statements)
Quick and easy lecture covering the usage and syntax of switch statements. Followed by a couple of exercises to make sure we understand if / if else, switch statements and nesting those together to solve logic problems.

I like that the resources we are given don't fully explain how to achieve our solutions and that we need to do a little further digging around ourselves (with correct citing of info used). It gets us used to doing just that very thing when we get stuck later on in our journey.

Live Lecture later, let's hope it's a little shorter today.

Then I'm on with Task 6 - Our first capstone project, which is building a JS temperature convertor. Nothing ground breaking but a good recap of everything taught so far.

Until tomorrow friends.

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