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Hyperiondev bootcamp - Day 2

Welcome to day 2

Overnight I got my first two code reviews back and all was signed off as correct. Also overnight came a "progress" email. This one was a little passive aggressive in it's tone but I guess they're trying to make sure everyone is getting used to putting in the hours as in all reality this is a self-motivated course.

Task 3 - Intro variables
Getting used to variable types in JS. Learning how to type cast them, smoosh them together and do basic maths operations.

Task 3 - Intro to control structures.
If, else & if-else statements. Getting into a bit of control within programs. Nothing groundbreaking but a nice, slow, brick upon brick build of basic programming.

Lecture 2 - Based on Task 2 work.
So here is one of the "issues" with the bootcamp so far. The lectures are running one a day this week, this is great for those having zero experience with code but there are many in the lectures who are romping ahead and then asking questions related to where they are in the work which aren't related to the lecture. This is tending to make the lectures over-run and I imagine putting a bit of stress on those not pushing so far on. I feel that if they released the course work a couple of weeks at a time, this would;

a. help to prevent this as much.

b. keep people used to working consistently rather than starting all guns blazing and then dropping off as the going gets tough and they are way ahead of the live lectures.

So onwards and upwards. Overall feel of quality of the learning and course resources is okay, I've seen much slicker and more pleasing methods of teaching JS. However the way we are running things is a great into to being more self-reliant and opposed to doing all our work on a web based IDE which is all set up to make our life easy.

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