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Micromanaging Genuine Personal Interactions

It wasn't until quarantine that I started paying attention to the gap between where I should spend time vs where I actually spend time.

I've cut off screen time on various social media, and have started spending most time on LinkedIn because of job search. As a new grad, my resources are quite limited. I have to rely on networking with my connections' contacts, whom I've only met virtually. I'd like to think that one day I would give back to them, but my only connection to them is probably a name I could hardly recognize in a few years, and several emails that will likely get lost in the pile. It became hard to form a memorable perception of those who've helped me. The same applies to a lot of people I wish I could've valued.

My point of view is that LinkedIn is purely commercial. In fact, I don't recognize half of my connections and neither do they. What would it be like if I could remember a person by the way they made me feel, and by our actual interactions? Wouldn't that be a better idea than to remember a whole feed worth of bluffing and self-promotion everyday?

With that said, I came up with an idea ( - a personal CRM that micromanages personal interactions, and provides a workflow to quickly record people and your impression of them. The link is a proof of concept of what I thought would be interesting to make. Would love to see what the community thinks!

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