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HAH, I love it!

It always impresses me how much creativity some of you CSS experts have.


Lol thanks, although I won't call myself a css expert since I always got my mind blown by other people's works.
Always keep learning and refining. 😃


I don't know man, your work up there is pretty impressive in my opinion and not something a beginner or intermediate would do.


Awesome work, as always!
Just FYI your article "quiz-about-javascript-numbers-bph" doesn't exists anymore.


Thanks and oh... that's because I took it down, it's outdated 😅


No problem, I clicked on it as the link to it was shown in the "More from @wheatup " section. It looked something interesting :)


Cute! Would be good for dark mode / light mode switching!


That might be a good idea, although it seems too bulky to fit in anywhere 😅

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