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Compare two string in C++

whataluckyguy profile image Lalit Kumar ・1 min read

In this post, we will see how to know if two strings are equal in ANSI C since we cannot simply use the operator ==to compare strings, they are a complex thing.

Table of contents:

  • strcmp function in C.
  • Compare strings in C using strcmp.
  • Know if two strings are equal using strcmp. Let's see how to use strcmp to compare strings in C and find out if both are the same since strings are actually a set of characters within ANSI C.

Strcmp function in C:

As in PHP, in C there is the function strcmpthat means "string compare". This function can return 0, a number greater than 0, or a number less than 0.

I know, it sounds confusing but let's see.

The function will strcmpreturn if the strings are equal. In case the first is "less" than the second, it will return a negative number, and finally if the first is greater than the second, it will return a positive number.

Usually, these numbers are 0, -1 and 1, but we can make the comparisons based on 0 (that is if it is less than zero, equal to zero or greater than zero). Read more


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Roman Diviš

Title and tags are really misleading. Whole article is about C and not C++. That is confusing for beginners as in c++ exists string class and due to operator overloading there are comparison operators ==, >, <, ...