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10 Things I’ve Learned One Week After Graduating a Software Engineering Bootcamp

  1. During interviews, use the STAR method, “Situation, Task, Activity and Results”, when answering behavioral questions

  2. Practice and record yourself answering interview questions

  3. Make your previous experiences relevant to what is needed in the sought out role

  4. If there is a technology or framework listed in the “Skills” section of your resume, you should know it well as it’s fair game in the technical interview

  5. Don’t immediately ask for something when cold messaging recruiters or developers. Build rapport first, then ask for something.

  6. As a junior dev coming out of a bootcamp, don’t focus on algos, unless you're applying to a big company, for interviews. Get really really good at your stack instead.

  7. If you get a rejection email, politely ask for feedback to know how to make yourself a better candidate

  8. Getting a junior dev role is a lot like the stereotypical dating in college. You may not be the best looking, but if you are in the right place at the right time you might be the one! You may not be highly skilled as a developer, but there are so many other strengths you can bring to the table that could prove you’re a good fit!

  9. Radiate positivity

  10. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”

  11. BONUS: I can't wait to land my first dev role and be able help everyone that is in my current situation as much the devs that I've reached out to have helped me. The amount of stress and uncertainty that comes with this process is often difficult to handle. I guess one can only trust the process, listen to Miguel's "Pineapple Skies" to cheer up, and keep putting in work.

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