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WeTest UDT: The Ultimate Solution for Cloud Testing

Who can benefit the most from WeTest UDT?

WeTest UDT is designed to cater to the needs of various organizations, particularly those seeking to improve testing efficiency during the transition from manual testing. It is an ideal solution for companies facing high requirements for data and environment confidentiality, offering private deployment for enhanced security. Additionally, WeTest UDT is well-suited for businesses with cross-regional operations and multiple testing needs.

Before implementing WeTest UDT, companies often encounter various challenges that hinder their testing processes. These challenges include cross-regional, multi-team device resource utilization leading to duplicate purchases, limited availability and high costs associated with acquiring new devices like VR and Car Infotainment systems, the urgent need to enhance testing efficiency during the transition from manual testing, high latency and privacy compliance requirements when accessing overseas devices, strict data and environment confidentiality demands requiring private deployment, difficulties in managing and maintaining mobile device operations, as well as challenges in debugging during the development and testing stages.

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UDT, also known as Unified Device Toolkit, is a comprehensive and enhanced solution specifically designed to address the challenges of cloud testing. It offers a wide range of features and services that streamline testing processes and ensure efficient collaboration. WeTest UDT encompasses script recording, cloud-based real devices, automation testing, test resource management, and device management, providing a holistic testing solution.

WeTest UDT brings numerous advantages to your testing endeavors. These include:

Offline Devices Cloud Sharing:

Simplified access to local devices, enabling efficient cross-regional cloud sharing.

Seamless device compatibility across Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Unified device operation and maintenance management, streamlining device-related tasks.

Smooth Cloud Debugging:

Low latency (30–100ms) and high-quality display (30–60 fps) for a seamless debugging experience.

Minimal resource usage with front-end CPU consumption of less than 1%, ensuring optimal performance.

Efficient Task Management:

Integration with multiple testing frameworks for enhanced flexibility.

Visual test case management and device environment preconfiguration, simplifying test setup.

Flexible Deployment Options:

Online SaaS (Software as a Service) and private deployment options tailored to your specific needs.

Compliance with product confidentiality and privacy regulations, ensuring data security.

Support for overseas access requirements, facilitating seamless testing across regions.

With its robust features, flexible deployment options, and comprehensive support, WeTest UDT revolutionizes cloud testing, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality products while reducing costs and ensuring data confidentiality.

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