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PerfDog EVO v10.0 Shatters the Barriers of Game and App Performance Testing

In the world of technology, continuous evolution drives us forward. We are always searching for better solutions to meet the demand for more efficient and accurate performance testing from users. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of PerfDog Evo v10.0 version, marking a significant evolution for PerfDog in the field of performance testing.

“EVO” stands for evolution, and the name of this version reflects our determination and efforts in continuous innovation and progress along the path. In PerfDog EVO v10.0 version, we have made significant optimizations from three perspectives to meet users’ performance testing requirements in different scenarios.

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First-ever support for iOS 17 & Mobile Startup Time Measurement
First and foremost, in terms of cross-platform support, PerfDog EVO v10.0 version fully supports performance testing for iOS/Android/PC/consoles, and takes the lead in supporting performance data collection and analysis for iOS 17. Whether your product is an app or a game, regardless of the platform it runs on, PerfDog enables easy performance issue identification and analysis. Specifically for apps, PerfDog EVO v10.0 accurately captures the app’s startup time. This version introduces the new Startup Timing metric, primarily focused on precise measurement for apps, including TTID (Time To Initial Display) and TTFD (Time To Full Display), helping performance testers quickly pinpoint performance issues and optimize the user experience. Our goal is to make performance optimization ubiquitous, elevating every product’s performance to the next level.

Deep Analysis Engine Enables Rapid Performance Issue Localization and Precise Optimization
Secondly, in terms of deep analysis, we have significantly enhanced our ability to delve into the causes of performance issues. With support for engines, Systrace, and various other scenarios, we cover everything from CPU scheduling and usage to thread execution states, call stacks, and even rendering screenshots. By leveraging the data management platform, when performance issues arise in daily versions, quick version comparisons can be made, and multi-person collaborative analysis through the web interface allows pinpointing issues at the function or module level. This facilitates timely optimization and fixes, ensuring project performance stability and control. Moreover, deep analysis is no longer limited to games; it also extends its support to apps, helping more developers enhance project development efficiency.

Brand New Network Testing Analysis Removes Weak Network Environments as Bottlenecks
Lastly, in terms of network testing, we assist developers in rapidly configuring a realistic user network environment for network testing and analysis, enabling swift optimization of server and network deployments. No device rooting or jailbreaking is required, and there’s no need to modify the package. This version provides various weak network simulation environments, allowing quick simulation of weak network conditions such as elevators, subways, highways, and tunnels, helping users identify weak network experiences and functional issues. With just a computer, users can perform comprehensive testing across different scenarios according to their needs.

Quick Overview of PerfDog EVO v10.0 Version Updates:
【First-ever】Windows version supports testing on iOS 17 system.

【New feature】Startup Timing metric supports mobile startup time measurement.

【New feature】Supports deep analysis mode, covering CPU scheduling and usage, thread execution states, call stacks, rendering screenshots, etc., enabling localization at the function or module level, timely optimization and fixes, and multi-person collaborative analysis through the web data management platform.

【New feature】Supports network testing mode, allowing the creation of a realistic user network environment, providing network testing analysis and weak network simulation services.

【New feature】Supports customization of statistics metrics in web reports.

【New feature】Introduces the new smoothness metric, 1% Low.

【Optimization】Fixes known issues and improves stability.

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