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New Technology Trends in Education for 2018

Martin Smith
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All the essential part of a classroom teaching which comprises the blackboard, chalks, textbooks and ink pens are gradually becoming a thing of yesterdays. Now is the time to embrace the change and introduce new technologies in the field of education where digital facilities combined with tech-savvy teachers will infuse the students with altogether new learning experiences.

New Technology Trends in Education 2018

Apparently, a quick glimpse into the world of education would show how technology has changed the very meaning of imparting education.

The use of technology in the education world has blurred all the geographical boundaries and opened a new window of opportunities for the entire world to come and enlighten their quest for knowledge and information. There is no time limitation to get educated especially when the knowledge sharing has become so easy with the help of email and cloud applications. This kind of technologies gives instant access to the courses or learning programs at any given time and place.

For a long period of time, the education sector was run by the tradition pedagogic techniques which now is getting replaced by the disruptive technologies. With the growing integration of knowledge with technology, the education domain is definitely going to experience a sea change.

Few technologies that will change the education scenario in 2018 are:

Cloud Technology

The year 2018 will witness the cloud-based technologies coming more in use. To streamline the learning process cloud computing will certainly play a major role. As a result, students will no longer have to worry about their files and documents for being lost or deleted. There will be no need to buy multiple USB drives to store their assignments. All their hard work done for the essays contents, academic projects, schedules, and assignments can be safely stored in the cloud.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The teachers will be supported with useful tools that will enable them to deliver enhanced learning methodology by the virtue of augmented and virtual reality.

With the successful results of this technology in the past such as Pokemon, Go there is an increased demand for AR technologies by the teachers who use this tool to align virtual content in a printed or tangible form


Constant efforts are made to bring digital literacy at the focal point in the education sector. STEM classes have created an important place for itself in the education domain and it has been perceived as the most technologically advanced curriculum. This has instilled a greater sense of responsibility among the netizens and is fostering an advanced skill for their successful future.

Including STEM subjects results in a lot of benefits which includes engaging of different types of learners and adding a variety in the learning experience. The STEM technology will further enhance in the upcoming year.

Mobile Based Education

In today’s world, mobile phones have become an essential part of people’s life. Almost every section or age group of people owns this device. Making use of this technology for imparting learning has become even more easy and accessible. You can experience a greater amount of flexibility and accessibility for learning at whichever place you want.

Integrating mobile technology with classroom teachings allows the teacher to deliver a complete immersive style of learning for kids of students having the different level of abilities.

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