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7 and a half months into coding

This is a quick overview of what I have learned in the past 7 months. Important to mentioned is that I am doing it full time, every day including on weekends, so your mileage may vary.

I started coding on April 5. 2021. I know the day, because I looked at my browsing history. In May 2021 I did not know the difference between Java and JavaScript, so I was new to coding, as new as one can be, with no knowledge of variables, functions or lists.

I started with python, which is a great beginner language as you don't have to deal with pointers or callbacks much, and a clean syntax. I took the CS50x, MIT 6.00.1x, Rice University's Interactive Python courses, the latter being the better one of the three. With Python I've build simple programs like a pin pong game or a memory game.

The end of July and part of August were spent mostly on CSS, in August I finally dived into JavaScript and learned it through September. In September I started toying with React, which was my subject-to-learn in October and November.

In November, in addition to React, I learned Node.js with MongoDB, how to build simple controllers with functionalities that allow posting, fetching and changing items in the database.

As of November, I can confidently build a fullstack application using the MERN stack - a stack which I would recommend to any beginner. MERN stands for Mongo, Express, React, Node and it's one of the easiest yet powerful choices one can make to build web application. Ben Awad (see him on YouTube) does amazing things with React and he uses as similar stack with the difference of using a Postgress SQL for database.

Along the way I have also learned Django and a bit of Go. I was blown away by the sheer speed Go offers. Using goquery I have build a scraper that scrapes listings for used items, and it's much much faster than say Python's Scrapy.

For the next few months I plan on finally building larger applications for a portfolio, because as of right now I only have simple landing pages, calculators, to-do apps, weather apps and simple games, which even to me are not very impressive.

I have Youtube, Instagram and Twitter clones lined up. These projects will allow me to learn user authentication, registration, something I haven't yet done and will give me the overall experience of building a larger app.

I have other weak points such as git. I also known very little about creating images with Docker, I know very little about Gatsby or NextJS, but for me they have not been to different from React. I have build a couple of things in both. So, those two React frameworks are also on my list to learn. Redux is also on the list, as I might need it for a larger project.

I have never learned to much in such a short period of time in my life. I have probably sunk 1600 hours into coding as of November 23., 2021!

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