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✨ A cool way to handle image lazy-loading, optimizing, UX with React.js

Code x Design ✨
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react-cool-img is a lightweight React <Img /> component, which helps you handle image UX (user experience) and performance optimization as a professional guy 🤓

It empowers the standard img tag by many cool features without breaking your original development experience. Ideally, it can be an img tag replacement for React.js.

⚡️ Live demo:

Support features:

  • 🖼 Placeholders for satisfying various image loading states (e.g. loading image > actual image > error image).
  • 🛋 Smart lazy loading with performant and efficient way, using Intersection Observer.
  • 🤖 Built-in auto-retry mechanism. User won't miss out your important information.
  • 🚫 Aborts any current image downloads on component unmount potentially saving bandwidth and browser resources.
  • 🔍 Supports server-side rendering / Javascript is disabled / SEO.
  • 📜 Supports TypeScript type definition.
  • 🦔 Tiny size (~ 2kB gzipped). No external dependencies, aside for the react and react-dom.
  • 🍰 Easy to use.

For more usage details checkout the project's GitHub page:

You can also install this package is distributed via npm.

$ yarn add react-cool-img
# or
$ npm install --save react-cool-img
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Discussion (2)

fly profile image

Exactly the module I've been looking for! Thanks a lot

wellyshen profile image
Welly Author

You’re welcome bro 🤩