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Weekly trending Links for Backend Developers, #1

puncoz profile image Puncoz Nepal ・3 min read

Starting this week, we have started a weekly handpicked collection of links and resources hot and trending in the tech industry.

Today, we have picked some of the Github Repo we find useful by the awesome people.

**Disclaimer: Contains in these articles are directly from the different sources whose links are provided.

Best practices in Laravel

This is a Github repo by alexeymezenin, which is not just a Laravel adaptation of SOLID principles, patterns, etc. but the best practices which are usually ignored in real life Laravel projects.

-> https://github.com/alexeymezenin/laravel-best-practices


eSQLate is an attempt to give small teams a quick and easy form of administration panel which is significantly more powerful than CRUD based systems but also as easy to set up.

-> https://github.com/forbesmyester/esqlate

Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript

Javascript is a hot tech stack of 2020. From server-side side script to client-side, from the web to mobile, javascript is being adopted everywhere. Hence, it is not just a small line of code, but the whole software application is now being written in Javascript. Hence, writing clean and maintainable code is necessary. This Github repo consists of Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code, adapted for JavaScript.

-> https://github.com/ryanmcdermott/clean-code-javascript

Awesome Node.js Utils

This is a repository by justjavac which contains a handful list of utility packages for Node.js developers.

-> https://github.com/justjavac/awesome-node-utils

The Art of Command Line

As an engineer, although fluency in command line improves our flexibility and productivity in both obvious and subtle ways, but often neglected or considered arcane. There is a Github repo by jlevy where notes and tips on using the command-line useful when working on Linux are curated and maintained as a single page. Some tips are elementary, and some are fairly specific, sophisticated, or obscure. This repo is not long, but if we can use and recall all the items there, we know a lot.

-> https://github.com/jlevy/the-art-of-command-line

Path to a Software Architect

A software architect is a software expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms. This Github repo lists the path to become a Software Architect.

-> https://github.com/justinamiller/SoftwareArchitect

Zero trust architecture design principles

Zero trust architecture is a relatively new and evolving approach to network design but it's also part of a wider mindset: remove inherent trust from the network, treat it as hostile and instead gain confidence that we can trust a connection. This Github repo provides us Ten Principles to help us design and deploy a zero trust architecture.

-> https://github.com/ukncsc/zero-trust-architecture

Trax: a path to advanced deep learning

Trax is a Github repo actively used and maintained by the Google Brain team. It helps us to understand and explore advanced deep learning mainly focus on making Trax code clear while pushing advanced models like Reformer to their limits.

-> https://github.com/google/trax

Build your own technology

Whether you want to create your own search engine, or your own 3D renderer, or your own BitTorrent Client or your own Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. This Github repo contains the curated list of resources for various technology we think or is thinking to create on our own.

-> https://github.com/danistefanovic/build-your-own-x

OneDev: All-In-One DevOps Platform

One dev is a full-fledged tool for DevOps, which includes features such as Auto-Refreshing Issue Boards with the Custom Issue States and Fields, Docker First Kubernetes Native Build Farm, Easy to navigate and search, Discussions and Comprehensions of code in a web IDE, Flexible Pull Request Review Policies and many more.

-> https://github.com/theonedev/onedev

That's all for this week.

Do comment on the one which you like the most 😎. Also, post anything else you find interesting and useful.

Lastly, we have another series of weekly updates about the frontend's technology. Do follow that as well.


See ya' next week.



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Thank you for this list! The Clean Code for javascript was very useful! 😁

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Puncoz Nepal Author

U r welcome 😊 yes that one is really awesome. A quick guideline for cleaner code in Javascript.

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Geshan Manandhar

weekly is not updated monthly though :)

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Puncoz Nepal Author

yeah, stuck in some other work. We will be continuing this very soon :)

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Nirazan Basnet

Awesome collection :)

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Puncoz Nepal Author

Thanks 😄