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Discussion on: Why I prefer Vue over React

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Patrik Kiss • Edited on

Little update:
After reading your article @gautemeekolsen , I've actually started reading about VueJS, and actually watched a 90 min long tutorial for the first time ever, to see how it works.

After that I had started reading more and more posts about it here, on DEV, mainly beginners' guides.

After that, I had gone to the documentations, since in one article I've seen that they explain everything very well there, and it was true.

So after reading about it for days, I've decided to start doing it by myself. It's been 3 days since I had started coding in Vue and I'm loving it a lot! It is truly amazing and simple, easy to understand.

I'm doing pretty good I think, I'm already familiar with basics such as components, data, computed and basic methods, watchers,props, passing data around/between components and working with them, conditional rendering etc. I'm also using BootstrapVue, since I've been using Bootstrap for years, and I'm very much used to it already.

I'm exploring new features every day, and trying to expand my knowledge in it as much as I can.

So again, thank you for this article!

Update 2: also, today I learned the basic usage of Vue Router. It wasn't easy to figure out how exactly it works, had to read a lot and watch some videos about it, but it was worth it :D

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Gaute Meek Olsen Author

This is so cool to hear! Thank you for the update :)