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20 of the best/largest icon libraries.

Patrik Kiss on January 14, 2020

In this article I will introduce you to 20 of the best and largest available icon libraries for web. Many of these offer you thousands, if not mill... [Read Full]
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No mention of ??

An open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, webfont and raster formats

  • Free content: true
  • Paid content: true
  • Customizable icons: true
  • Registration required: false

I just wanted to mention Nucleo (I'm part of the team 👋), a library of almost 30K customizable icons.


Decided to extend the list to 20, and included Material Design Icons as well!


Oh this is really good, I like it, didn't know about it so far.

If I had known about it when writing the article, I probably would've included it


Hey Patrick @weeb , FYI - you are generally only supposed to have one h1 on a page. A better heading structure for your article would be to use all H2s.


Hmm, interesting, didn't know about this. Changed all h1 to h2, thanks for the info :)


My pleasure!

Generally H1 is your article title or site title.

H2 for headings below that, H3s for sub headings below them, etc etc.

So you might have something like:


  • H2

  • H2

    • H3
  • H2

    • H3
    • - H4

... etc



Free content. High quality and they take requests. Runs on donations. Give $5 and get very fast personal service.


Didn't know about this one either. Had a quick look at it, and it's pretty great!

I might extend the list again later, if I find a few more mention worthy libraries, then I will definitely include this one too!

Thanks for sharing it


Thanks for sharing, Patrik.

This is great, especially as right now I’m looking for a set of icons for an app I’m working on. 👌


I ❤️ noun project. I’ve even had success searching for verb icons on their site 😄.


Thank so much!! just added this post to my bookmarks!! :D


Thank you very much for this wonderful and amazing post, as it will be helping all the developers of all the kind as well.


Wow! I didn't know about half of them. My favourite one is Flaticons, I use them quite often because I can choose between outlined/coloured/filled icons easily.


I think should be mentioned. Small (less than 1kb in total) and efficient, around 500 icons. Can do tree-shaking and uglify with some webpack css plugin.



Thank you for adding "" in your list


I'd like to add grommet icons. Easy to use for web development with currently 561 free and open source icons.

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