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Audit your Azure DevOps configuration from the Pipeline

Today marks the release of version 0.0.12 of PSRule.Rules.AzureDevOps in the PowerShell Gallery. Again, the new release is packed with new features. The module can now export and analyze the project's main pipelines settings and comes with 7 new rules making a total of 32 overall checkpoints in the module.

This release also introduces configurability for some of the rules. For example, the number of reviewers required by branch policies. Baselines were added to this release to provide a better fit for Azure DevOps customers with or without additional Microsoft licensing, for example GitHub Advanced Security.

Finally, a quick start Azure Pipelines YAML definition was added to the project so you can get started with the project quickly and read the reports in Sarif format in the Azure DevOps portal.

Checkout the latest release notes on GitHub and give the module a test drive with your Azure DevOps project.

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