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Top 10 Must-Have Features For Online Marketplace App In 2021

Nikunj Shingala
Nikunj is a CEO at Webs Optimization which is successfully delivering services in the realm of UI/UX design, mobile app development including Android and iOS app development.
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Online Marketplace App

Today businesses are rapidly moving towards eCommerce marketplace platforms. We have lots of stories that elaborate on the success of online marketplaces. People now like to buy goods through online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and others. It is a worldwide growing industry.

To enable the tool "word-of-mouth", you need to create an efficient and lucrative user experience. Framing an easy-to-use user experience and the intuitive user interface is the first step and a vital feature you should consider while developing a marketplace app.

We know that millions of people across the world are using mobile applications for different purposes such as for paying bills, movie ticket booking, grocery shopping, bill payments, etc. Therefore, no business can neglect the importance of having an app to showcase business services and products. Mobile apps are one of the best platforms to increase business growth and profits in less time.

After the pandemic of COVID-19 businesses across the world has changed their potential towards online marketing. Irrespective of your business sizes, developing a marketplace app is always a profitable decision to increase your business reach and customers.

App assists you in leveraging the benefits of cutting-edge mobile technologies for online marketplaces. One of the biggest challenges while developing a marketplace app is to make it market-ready and highly functional. Additionally, developers should choose essential features for your online marketplace app.

Top 10 must-have features for online marketplace app in 2021

1. Social Media Buttons

One of the essential features an online marketplace app must have is social media buttons. People often visit the social media pages of their service providers. Lots of eCommerce companies assist customers via social media platforms as well.

People also get new updates regarding any new product launch and others via social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are reliable social media sources to give and take opinions, reviews, and feedback. Apart from this, social media accessibility also enables you to increase your business reach in less time and effort.

2. Build an Attractive Brand Logo

It is vital to have an attractive logo for your brand. The brand logo helps you bring reliability to your business services and products. It infuses the trust of customers in your business.

Building a logo for your brand tends to 50%of work done for marketing. People always move on with a trustworthy brand. A logo acts as a visual voice of your brand and promotes it effectively. It also helps you showcase your brand in the B2B marketplace.

3. Easy Navigation

Nobody has too much time to scroll down the page having useless and uninteresting elements. While developing an online marketplace, you must focus on providing effortless navigation to the users.

To enable smooth navigation, make sure the content of the app is optimized according to the screen size. Use clear layouts to display your products and services. Always try to provide seamless navigation to the app users.

4. Easy to Use Buyers Page

Undoubtedly, the success of any app depends on how it interacts with the end-users. Buyers or end users are the most important to make your app profitable. In this way, you must provide higher engagement and user satisfaction.

Try to cover enough information in fewer words. Design an effective cart window to show all the details of your products and services. Look at the pages that are not clear to the users and make them usable.

5. Effortless Vendor Page

Not only the buyer's page but also the vendor's pages in your marketplace app should be effective and easy to use. Help your vendors with ease of design. When the vendors update any product on your app, you should provide them with easy update options, payment gateways, easy editing options, etc.

6. Effective Rich Customization

Rich customization is the key to building an intuitive user interface and user experience with engaging elements. Online marketplace app customers always expect highly customized features and an excellent personalized experience while finding their required services and products. Therefore, while developing a marketplace app, you must include highly customized features in your app.

7. Online Chat

Customers focus on how effectively you provide the customer support service in less time. This is why your online marketplace app must include 24*7 live chat options. It helps you deliver high customer satisfaction and increase business sales.

8. Use Search Box

There might be lots of things an online marketplace app contains. The big online marketplace apps like Flipkart and Amazon offer search bar options to the users to help them find their desired product in less time and effort. Therefore, while developing a marketplace app, you should never forget to include a search box for user convenience.

9. Trending Products and Latest Attractions

At the time of salespeople, often check the trending products and move towards them. Make it easy for your buyers to know the latest attractions and trending items on your app. Offer them exclusive deals for their selected items.

10. Reviews and Ratings

Even while downloading an app, people check reviews and ratings on Google Play Store and App Store. Reviews and ratings create trust between the app owner and the users. Also, reviews and ratings enable businesses to improve their service quality and performance accordingly.


While developing a marketplace app, you should always focus on the customers in mind. For the ultimate growth and reach of your business always provide the above ten features in your online marketplace app. Offer interactive user interface, extensive user experience, and seamless shopping environment to your customers and increase your sales and revenue.

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