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re: I agree with some of the points here about WC implementation but I don’t agree with the presentation. 3) is irrelevant. Spec is and should be a li...

Web Components IMHO should have a framework wrapper

I guess that's Polymer, but they kinda failed at selling WCs too.

My approach is still Custom Elements based (no umbrella, just the juicy bit), and tiny wrapper to simplify every task mentioned in here.

You can find more in this gist of mine πŸ‘‹


The moment you need tools to make anything work at all, it's the moment you are already far away from Web standards, and you are allowed to do whatever you want, like in Svelte, and other libraries, case.

Stencil One does not compete with standards anymore, rather with React/JSX, IMHO.

Isn't Stencil just a layer on WebComponents, like Polymer?

Stencil is the best option by far for design systems.

I'd give πŸ”₯ heresy πŸ”₯ a chance too, it works out of the box on client/SSR and since it needs zero real DOM to work, it might easily end up on NativeScript or similar too πŸ¦„

The article keeps saying Stencil compiles to Web Components, that's what I meant πŸ˜…

Yeah it's more than that but the final product is WC.

Anyway, frontend has so many tools 😬😬😬😱

hello world example

almost nothing you see in that definition is standard:

  • decorators are not there yet
  • @Prop() first: string; makes literally no sense on JS
  • the JSX return in the render also makes no sense

Stencil One is basically the most hybrid thing of them all, and once it compiles to "standrd JS", it needs a global defineCustomElements to be useful at all.

One can't really ship portable components like this, or can they?

The good news, is that it might target also NativeScript or similar platforms (I'd imagine React native, due JSX in the render), but the bad one is that Stencil One is far away from being a standard based way to develop anything, 'cause it needs, for those parts, mandatory toolchain that is not part of standard Web development.

I hope I've clarified a bit more, happy to answer further, if necessary.

I hope I've clarified a bit more, happy to answer further, if necessary.

Ok got it, I thought that Stencil's output was just pure web components, that's it.

The props and decorators are removed during compilation, and the output is a Web Component. There's a lot of companies building design systems now with Stencil dev.to/ionic/apple-just-shipped-we...

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