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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas
José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

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Want to know about units of measure in CSS and how they relate to font sizes?

I am an old guy that once read a lot about font sizes, GDI, GDI+ and related topics because I wanted to create (and did) a WYSIWYG control for a Visual Basic 6 project I had many, many years ago. My first hard copies printed in a laser printer were sooo hilarious! Sooo, sooo SOOOOO small! LOL. It was fun.

Anyway, time took me down the path of backend services and only recently did I have to brush up on a topic that vaguely ressembled what I had to learn so many years ago: The design of a pill button for a ReactJS application. Seeing all those units of measure, and making the design scalable as the font size changed (or zoom in the browser) made me realize there's still value to some of that knowlegde I acquired so long ago.

Let me know by liking or commenting if you would like me to write something up. I can even pass down my learnings on how to make a perfectly scalable web component design.


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