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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas
José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

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Is Stack Overflow a forum filled with snobs?

I participate on occassion @ the (in?)famous Stack Overflow, mostly out of boredom. I rarely ever ask any question there, so most of the time I browse and if I know an answer, I post. That's about it.

But what I have seen in said website during the course of several weeks now, is the behavior of the experts running the forum. It's like:

This is a forum, that, only if you are worth it, you may ask a question. First, you must pass a series of tests. Everthing you write must be in perfect English. 2 ortographic mistakes and you're out. Then you must demonstrate that you have read at least 2 1000-page books on the topic. Your question must come with 3 citations. Finally, a single wrong tag and you're done. Toast. But after that we'll try to help ya and joke about it.

Or am I wrong? What do you think? Have you asked questions over there? What's the general feeling about the website in your minds? I'm curious.

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