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5 AWS Services you need to know for Web Development

albionahoti profile image Albiona Originally published at ・2 min read

If you're getting started with AWS and you're interested to build your web applications using AWS services in a short amount of time, then you're in the right place. AWS offers more than 300 services, and to start developing applications with AWS without the right information might be a huge burden. As for today, we'll provide to you only 5 AWS services you need to know, to develop your web application.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Amazon Web Services

Our top 5 picks of AWS services are:


AWS API Gateway

AWS Lambda

AWS DynamoDB

AWS CloudFront

Extra AWS Service - AWS Cognito

For each service, we will go through what is the service, what are the benefits of using one, the pricing, and how to get started.

Follow the article here to get into the details of the services you need for web development!

Now that you have the tools you need, building your web applications with AWS is an amazing experience considering the benefits it offers for developers. And if you want to go one step further, try Webiny β€” Webiny is an open-source serverless application framework that brings all those tools together. Start building your serverless applications using Webiny. today πŸš€

Thanks for reading! My name is Albiona and I work as a developer relations engineer at Webiny. I enjoy learning new tech and building communities around them = ) If you have questions or just want to say hi, reach out to me via Twitter.

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Hi Albiona, it is generally encourage that you put your full blog post here rather than linking to external content. This ends up reading more like an ad than a genuine blog post.

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Albiona Author

Hi Shane, thank you for your feedback!