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Discussion on: Implementing Dark Mode from the Beginning

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Timothy Miller Author

Fair point. You're correct, "pioneered" is probably the wrong word, and doesn't convey what I actually intended: Apple simply did what Apple does, they repurposed an existing idea and made the idea popular, as well as implementing it on a lower level than anyone else could.

However, I respectfully disagree that "Dark Mode" just means a dark theme. That may be what it used to mean, but the vernacular has changed. Dark Mode now means a system-wide setting that globally makes your UI darker, usually through the means of dark themes built into the software.

Similarly, "PC" technically means "personal computer", but that doesn't change the fact that most people would look at you funny if you call a non-Windows computer a PC (even though it would technically be correct). Language is fluid, and vernacular changes over time.

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