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How to Generate XML and HTML Sitemaps in Magento 2

Sitemaps are a vital part of any site as they act as an aide for web search tools to slither and record all pages of your website really.

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An efficient sitemap gives significant data about the design and content of your site, working on the cycle for web crawlers to understand and rank your pages. XML sitemaps, explicitly, help web crawlers in quickly finding and ordering your pages in general, while HTML sitemaps present an easy to use outline of your site's design, improving on route for guests.

In Magento 2, creating XML and HTML sitemaps is a straightforward errand that can be achieved easily by means of the backend of the stage, after you set up Magento 2. This article will direct you through the bit by bit course of How to Generate XML and HTML sitemaps in Magento 2, as well as feature the benefits of doing as such.

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Bryan King Pecho

Great tutorial! Generating XML and HTML sitemaps in Magento 2 has never been easier.