Started learning Responsive web-design tutorial on freeCodeCamp!

webdevpanda profile image WebDevPanda ・1 min read

I think freeCodeCamp is great for beginners along with w3schools, as a dictionary for some languages!

What are your thoughts on this please comment below!


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I’ve been using FreeCodeCamp since 2018 and slowly moving through the certificates. I found it to be a great resource personally as it has encouraged me to take up programming again.


Yupp, I am also thinking of obtaining the Responsive web-design certificate and the Javascript certificate from freeCodeCamp.

How many certificate do you have obtained!


I have completed 3 certificates and I am on project 4 of the D3 certification.

Keep it up bro 💪.

I think, learning new things is a great practice to increase mental skills, And also the resume!😅

It keeps you growing for sure! And definitely looks good on your resume. Best of luck with your pursuits! 😁