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JavaScript Coding Challenges for Chunkies! - JSCodebox launched! πŸŽ‰

Hello JavaScript Developers!πŸ‘‹

JSCodebox is a new platform for JavaScript challenges. You can try to learn or to improve your JavaScript skills - complete free and withtout registration!

JSCodebox Landingpage

What's the special about us?

  • Exciting JavaScript challenges with ressources, hints & user comments
  • A global Ranking (most Experience, most solved challenges and most comments)
  • A level system to compete with other Developers
  • Challenges across different levels of difficulty and categories (e.g. Arrays, UIs, Recursion)
  • Save your progress without account
  • Optional free account to share your skills with the JSCodebox Community
  • ...and a few more (And yes: we have a Dark themeπŸ˜‹)


More than 2 years ago I started with this project. I got a lot of good feedback (thanks!πŸ’œ) and improved the platform, added new features and a lot of new challenges. But my outreach was not big enough to promote this project, so I dropped the platform after a few months.

Now I feel I have to give the platform another chance so that all my work is not in vain.

I would be very happy about feedback and a few new users on JSCodebox.

Challenge Example

What is JSCodebox?

JSCodebox is a platform for learning JavaScript. There are challenges for beginners, advanced users as well as for professionals to challenge you. The challenges are also divided into different categories, e.g. strings, arrays and recursion.

You determine the degree of difficulty yourself and do what you want! πŸ˜‡

Is it free? πŸ’΅

Yes! JSCodebox is and remains completely free of charge. Knowledge should have no price today and be accessible for everyone!

Do I need a user account?

No! You can complete all challenges without a user account and have the complete range of functions.

Nevertheless there is the possibility to create a user account with your e-mail address. The code of your challenges and other settings will be saved, so that you can easily start programming anytime and anywhere.

How can I support this project?

You can support us by recommending this site to other JavaScript Developers and thereby increase our reach.
We also need a lot of challenge ideas, bug reports and other suggestions for improvement.

You can read everything about JSCodebox on our About page

Since the platform is not yet so well known, I would be happy about your support by sharing this platform with other JavaScript developers! This platform is also super interesting for participants of #100DaysOfCode.

If you want to stay up to date follow JSCodebox on twitter

Thanks! πŸ’œ

Discussion (7)

serwer20 profile image

Yes but where is dark mode?

webdeasy profile image Author

Actually you can activate it when you are logged in under settings. But I will also add this option to not logged users 😊
Everybody has a right for a dark Mode πŸ˜‚

mikayil profile image

Great! I got a bug: this challenge appeared twice.

webdeasy profile image Author

Thanks for your feedback! Iβ€˜ll check that 😊

jacksonkasi profile image
Jackson Kasi


rickymelida profile image

This it's great!
Thank for the info!

webdeasy profile image Author

Gladly, I'm happy to hear your feedback!