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Create automatic Image Slideshow in HTML

The image slideshow is made with HTML and CSS. They are usually used in a portfolio, making testimonials. It is very useful and Important e.g. users can directly see testimonials etc without any problem, you can also use it by copy-pasting the code from my site.
View it on our website
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At first, on our webpage, there is the overview of our blog then there is the example of our Image slideshow. There is a button to copy the codes (HTML and CSS). You can also try it on our website

You can view and copy the source code files through the link given below. View and Copy Source Code

Discussion (2)

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Cameron Thompson

Very cool implementation! Is there a way to make it dynamic, since you set the div backgrounds in CSS? Thanks!

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Web_Codr Author

I haven't tried but you can definitely try and tell us the results